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Natural Disasters, Where The Role Of Insurance?
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Closing of 2007 and early 2008 tinged with a sad story that often merundung the nation, namely natural disasters. Landslides and flooding with the most victims in Central Java and East Java that has claimed more than 100 people. Not to mention the Stormwind, rob or bad weather at sea.

At least 94.829 agricultural land submerged flood in Java. Thousands of farmers in Lamongan and Bojonegoro, East Java had to swallow a rice paddy crop failures or tambaknya results. Economic loss in these two areas is predicted around Rp 180 billion.

As well as other areas, small communities must be battled to recover treasure wealth was later pascabanjir. Pemerintahpun have to natural disaster fund of STATE BUDGET and BUDGETS. Experience that keeps recurring, though some have suggested that the Government hired the insurance industry to design disaster insurance.

Can almost be certain that insurance losses due to disasters is currently very small. This is because the good souls who perished, most agricultural crops, as well as the price of the damaged objects, are not insured. The majority of low-income communities (MBR) is still not affordable insurance.

There are at least three main reasons: they have not been aware of the importance of insurance, are not able to pay a premium, or the absence of insurance products that can reach out to those that suit your needs.

To the tsunami disaster in Aceh in 2004 and 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake, for example, insurance claims each only about 5% and 1,29% out of a total loss. Just a comparison, at the Northridge earthquake (1994) United States, insurance losses reached 47% of total losses. Even Hurricane Lothar of France (1999), 100% of the economic loss is replaced by the insurance (Eugene, 2004).

The role of Insurance as there is a risk Insurance is present and there was a net loss. Unfortunately in Indonesia, insurance impressed elitist. Insurance policies owned by corporations or people can afford it, has not been evenly distributed within the MBR. As a result, the function of insurance as a risk transfer or share the risks have not termanfaatkan out.

If the cause is because society has not yet been realized, then the obligation of the Government and the insurance industry to provide intensive education and socialization. If MBR is unable to pay the premiums, the Government needed to menyubsidi creativity premiums for those who couldn't afford it.

Premium subsidy schemes in the disaster-prone areas can be done. In an era of regional autonomy, local government could examine intensively the advantage over having to rehabilitate menyubsidi premium pascabencana without the contribution of the insurance industry. If there is a disaster, the Government could share with insurance.

Sampai saat ini, produk asuransi yang didesain untuk MBR masih sangat minim, hanya beberapa perusahaan yang mengembangkan. Padahal produk khusus dengan premi kecil, serta persyaratan dan pengurusan klaim yang simpel, bisa menjadi magnet untuk MBR.

Asuransi mikro (microinsurance) mendesak untuk dikembangkan di Indonesia. Asuransi untuk MBR ini memang tidak terlalu menjanjikan premi signifikan. Dalam laporan MicroInsurance Centre (2007) dengan tajuk The Landscape of Microinsurance in the World’s 100 Poorest Countries, asuransi mikro di Indonesia relatif tidak berkembang. Inilah yang membuat penetrasi asuransi di Indonesia masih rendah.
Shifting the practice of CSR
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) should not only be understood as a charity, disaster relief, or program bina environment. CSR should be a continuous and planned programs. CSR as a paradigm of social responsibility can manifest in many forms. In the insurance industry, the paradigm can be translated by providing insurance coverage for disaster-prone areas or developing microinsurance pro small people.

With CSR paradigm, it will not use the calculation untung-rugi to host them, because this is a form of caring. As is usual business, the insurance industry will clearly calculate profits when it will issue an insurance or guarantee a product risk. In other words, if a very high chance of loss or their impact is very large, usually reluctant insurance company granted him.

Bisa juga perusahaan asuransi akan menerapkan tarif premi atau risiko sendiri yang besar. Jika ini yang dilakukan untuk daerah bencana yang sebagian besar dihuni oleh MBR, maka percuma saja. Masyarakat tidak akan sudi membeli polis asuransi.

It could be an insurance company would implement a premium rate or the risk itself is great. If this is done to the disaster area are mostly inhabited by the MBR, then it is useless. The community would not be willing to buy an insurance policy.

It was here that is as a form of concern for the insurance industry. If industry or any other company can translate the CSR in the form of assistance, then the insurance industry have it any other way, i.e. ensure the risk of disaster. After all, isn't necessarily a disaster happens, aka also insurance companies do not necessarily pay claims.

The insurance industry should be meaningful for small people. Bagitu also her role needed to develop micro-insurance. In fact, society need protection from financial loss. Industrial general insurance and life insurance must have a communal commitment to develop a product that is affordable to the MBR.

Micro insurance, though no promises great premiums from the corporate sector as a premium, but will be able to provide long term effects. The effect of it in the form of tumbunya consciousness massif insured. If the community widely affordable insurance, then the community will get to know the insurance. In turn, they would know the positive benefits of insurance.

Furthermore, it is not impossible they will need more insurance protection. They will likely raise money/price or request protection guarantee coverage for all his possessions to another. In addition, the reach of a household insurance, then that free education for children of the deceased's grandson. So effortlessly the insurance industry for posterity in the promotion, the family was already aware of insurance.

CSR form above will also give positive effects for the insurance industry itself. So it is not merely a ' benefit ' MBR. CSR become powerful tools for promotion which will finally be able to Jack up the insurance premiums.

The community is suffering from a disaster takes care of all the parties to each of them. The insurance industry, in addition to being able to provide aid donations, also had a distinctive way to help our brothers that overridden disaster. Living the will of all parties, the insurance industry and Government.
** the original text of the article that was published in the newspaper BISNIS INDONESIA dated January 25, 2008 under the title "the role of insurance in a natural disaster" 

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